Baking, baking and more baking.

Besides the project to get more light into my living room.  This has been a week full of baking bars. Now I’m not talking a couple of pans of bars here.  So far I’ve baked five  kinds of bars this week and I’m not done yet.  Enough for 350 people.  I better fill you in before you think I have a massive sweet tooth.  We had 2 funerals at church this week and a memorial service yet to come. So I got baking!  My biggest dilemma is which one is my favorite.

Carmel Oatmeal bars

Love those Carmel Oatmeal dream bars but oh the Lemon bars are sooooo good with tea.

Better get baking.



PS Do you know why they serve sweets after a funeral?  Leave me a comment with your answer.

Lemon Bars


3 thoughts on “Baking, baking and more baking.

  1. Thanks for the reply. That’s really sweet of you Steve. Sandy I love sweets with coffee too. A doctor told me when a person grieves the brain needs almost pure glucose to deal with the loss. Then he added ” that’s why they serve cakes and bars at funerals”. Now I’m thinking all those church ladies are pretty darn smart. They didn’t need a doctor telling them what to serve, they knew it.

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