Light, light project update…

wall before being painted

We have more light in the living room now.  It is a pretty gloomy winter day and no one turned a light on this morning to see.  So the goal to lighten up the living room was achieved.   My dear husband is such a good painter.

light, light I need more light after

Two light days of work, for him, and the whole living room, hall and entry is all painted.  The other thing we came up with to let more light in was replacing the front door.  The solid door just wasn’t cutting it.  My dear hubby found a 2  leaded glass doors at one of his favorite lumber yards.  They sell new and used lumber.  He sent me a photo of both on my phone and I picked one out.

new front door adds more light

I think the pattern in the leaded glass fits where I’m trying to go design wise in this house.  Besides I love when I can reuse instead of buying new!  On to the next project.   What project do you have going on?




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