Photos…sorting and organizing what a challenge

Challenge yourself

As a photographer I have bins upon bins of pictures and hard drives upon hard drives of  images. They need to be sorted and organized every once and awhile.  When I do that I come across a few that are worth a second look. The image of a glacier in AlaskaI named “Challenge yourself”.  I wasn’t climbing the glacier like the climbers were but I was challenged just by getting the image photographed.  My asthma was pretty flared up with all the altitude changes we were making in a day.  I insisted on bring my camera gear everywhere.  My pack was heavy.  That is as far as I could go with out going into a full-blown asthma attack.  I picked a spot and started shooting all around me.  It reminds me to “keep challenging myself but everyone’s challenges are different and that’s okay”.

Hotel DeFontanac learning Photoshop

The 2nd image is from a last-minute trip we took to Old Quebec.  My best camera was being fixed so I had only a Nikon film camera, my Hasselblad (film also) and a Digital point and shoot with me.  It was a challenge to not shoot how I was used to shooting. The images where amazing because I was thinking in a whole different way while I was shooting.  This was also when I started learning how to use Photoshop.  Now that was a challenge!  What’s your project today? Is it a challenge?



2 thoughts on “Photos…sorting and organizing what a challenge

  1. You said the dreaded O-word. Organizing. I’ve been putting this off for so long it’s become a beast of mythical proportions. Maybe this year I’ll tackle all those photos.

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