My new peeps…

Yesterday we loaded up the mini van with the grandkiddos and took a little road trip to Runnings farm store.  We came home with 3 boxes of chicks.  I can’t tell you who was more excited the kids or me.  The kids each had a choice between Black Sex Link and Buff Orpington pullets.  They giggled as the gal tried to catch the ones they each chose.  I chose 25 Cornish Cross Broilers for meat.  We went home with 31 chicks.  3 of each of the layers and 25 meat birds.  On the way home the kids talked about names that they wanted.  I reminded them that we shouldn’t name the meat chicks because it would be harder when it was time to butcher.  They all argued because they thought they all should have names.  My oldest granddaughter came up with a solution.  The meat chicks would be named Dinner #1, Dinner #2 and Dinner #3… That way they would remember they would be eating the chickens when they grew up.  Pretty smart huh?  Well we all thought so.  I had taken the large dog creat we have for our big dogs and took it apart so I had two halves.  My dear hubby had cut plywood to be placed where the door goes.  After a few tries he came up with my tripod to hang the brooder light from.  We put the water and feed tray in and then the kids put in the chicks.  All this was in the bathroom.

The windows were put in the chicken coop on Saturday.   My dear husband just has to frame up the other side that will be the covered outside roost area.  Then the run.  I think this project is coming along nicely.  I only hope raising the chicks will be as nice!  How’s your projects going?




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