I need a garden sink…

My chicks are doing great.  The broilers are really getting big.  I love feeding the hens out of my hand.  They come running to me now as I come in the coop.  Really, raising them is more fun than I thought it would be.  I thought this would be to teach the grandkids that food just doesn’t magically appear but someone had to work for us to eat it.  We have had a couple of hen parties in the coop.  The grandkids love to bring their friends over and show off their hens.  I made way to many potatoes for Easter but my girls helped me out.  They ate a whole pie plate full and were looking for more.  My dear husband did a great job with the coop.  The fence is up and on warm days the chickens have been outside.  He likes things  more rustic then I do but for a coop it is a cool rugged look.  With watering them twice a day and washing up their feeding trays I think I need a garden sink of some sort.  After looking on the web and thinking about it I have a few ideas.  I need it for washing veggies, potting plants and now for watering the chickens.  I have always held to “form follows functions” but with a garden sink I think it might be more like “form follows FUNKtion”.  Got any ideas you would like to share? What is your latest project?




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