Wow where have I been….

I broke the cardinal rule in blog sphere land.  I haven’t posted in, well, forever.  I guess this spring just got me.  Our family has had some let’s call them events going on.  My daughter is having her 3rd child and she was put on bed rest 11 weeks ago so needless to say I have been a little busy with my grandkids.  My niece (really my cousin but she calls me Auntie Laurie) had a major surgery a few weeks ago.  She has a TBI so I help her with her medical visits so I was at the hospital for almost a week. Then my dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted to take her to her chemo treatments. You add chickens, horses and planting the garden and wham it is summer! Spring is history.  With all these health related events going on in life, a person really has to think about what are the most important things.  For me it will always be my relationship with God through His son Jesus.  The next is those I love.  I have always tried to serve the Lord by lending people a hand when they need it. DIY projects, my blog and those things I enjoy have to take a place on the “back burner” when I know of people in need. So when it is the people I love in need I just turned the “stove off” so to speak. Not to let this whole post sound like a pity party let me tell you how some of these events have turned out.  My niece’s surgery was a success and her doctors are very pleased with the results.  Her post op visit went wonderful yesterday.  My dear friend has truly had a miracle for God.  She went from stage 4 cancer that was inoperable to being able to have surgery in 1 round of chemo.  That alone is a miracle but after they did the surgery her scans came out clear.  Yes, I said clear.  They had thought it was in her bones and other places but her scans are clean.  My daughter is 8 days away from the safe zone to have her baby.  As I write this blog post I am humbled by the way God’s hand has been upon those I love and I am so thankful for the miracles He has blessed us with!



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