Our old house on the lake

This is all about a journey.  My journey.  I was looking to get my creative juices flowing.   So I made some post about redoing everything to get my creative side back.  That led me to look at my blog.  Big problem I couldn’t even get into my old blog.  See we moved this past summer and I changed emails and didn’t bother with updating my blog profile and can’t remember the password.  Needless to say I needed a new blog.  Oh back to the move.  Well this is a big part of losing my creative juice.   We sold our dream home on the lake and bought a rambler on 9 acres.  The home we moved out of  I designed and my husband built.  Oh  I should mention my husband is a carpenter and well lets say I have worn many hats including one in the interior design field.  Now don’t get me wrong we both wanted to move out of our dream home.  I just found myself a little lost in a house I had not designed.  I was looking forward to the challenge of taking the house we bought and making it OUR home.  Somewhere in the middle of cardboard boxes I lost my creative self and went into survival mode.  I woke up last week and realized I had not used any of my creative juices for myself in a long time.  I looked around me and thought I can’t be creative in this house.  What to do?   First thing that always comes to my mind is paint but one reason we bought this house was I liked the colors the walls were painted.  Time to talk to dear husband.  With a few pretty pleases he agreed we needed to do something.  After talking about adding dormers and an addition he thought it was a great idea to paint.  We set up a date to go pick up paint samples.  I am starting to feel like I’m getting a little of my creativity flowing already.  I’m inviting you to join me on my journey to find my creative spirit again!  Get ready it might be a bumpy ride with a lot of surprises but I think we’ll all have a great time!



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