pinterest inspired project…

Being a grandma I love all the pictures and love notes I get from my grandkids.  Wanting an easy way to display them , besides the fridge door, I have been tossing ideas around my noggin for a while.  A few weeks ago I found a partial old screen door on our local facebook garage sale site.  One of the decor ways I have been trying to go is move toward “Farm Chic” instead of my “Schnadig Chic”.  So chicken wire and the old door seemed to be made for each other. A few staples later and a “new place for all that art work” came to life.   The rooster was a buy at one of our local occasional sales shop. My grandson (7) said “we have to buy this rooster Amma!”  So of course we did.  He was a cute center piece on our Easter table. What is your latest project?  Come on show me!



I need a garden sink…

My chicks are doing great.  The broilers are really getting big.  I love feeding the hens out of my hand.  They come running to me now as I come in the coop.  Really, raising them is more fun than I thought it would be.  I thought this would be to teach the grandkids that food just doesn’t magically appear but someone had to work for us to eat it.  We have had a couple of hen parties in the coop.  The grandkids love to bring their friends over and show off their hens.  I made way to many potatoes for Easter but my girls helped me out.  They ate a whole pie plate full and were looking for more.  My dear husband did a great job with the coop.  The fence is up and on warm days the chickens have been outside.  He likes things  more rustic then I do but for a coop it is a cool rugged look.  With watering them twice a day and washing up their feeding trays I think I need a garden sink of some sort.  After looking on the web and thinking about it I have a few ideas.  I need it for washing veggies, potting plants and now for watering the chickens.  I have always held to “form follows functions” but with a garden sink I think it might be more like “form follows FUNKtion”.  Got any ideas you would like to share? What is your latest project?



Transformation Thursday…

I have had a few people ask me what inspired me to start blogging again.  I have to say it was two different blogs I was following.

One is Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage.Photobucket

The other one is Tiffany at

Both these gals have great style.  Gina throws an awesome party on Thursdays.  Now this gal knows how to get things done.  Check out shabby creek cottage

on her blog and you will never run out of ideas.



Wait that’s my tree…

Our outdoor projects are coming along nicely.  My dear husband finished his little barn.  It is just waiting for some warm weather to be stained.  It turned out to be a really nice size.  I’ll have to get out and get some updated images for you to see.  If your following this blog I don’t think you will even recognize the chicken coop.  We decided to go over the outside instead of finishing the inside of it.  My dear hubby added a steeper roof line for the metal  roofing too.  He wanted it to be a bit more rustic so he went into the woods looking for a couple of trees he could use as posts.  He came back in ranting and raving about someone taking his trees.  I couldn’t imagine who would steal our trees.  When I looked at him bewildered he told me to come out and see.  I found some boots and followed him into our woods.  The evidence was clear.  Beavers  were clearing our land faster than we wanted them too.  It was amazing they have built-in measuring tapes.  The trees were gnawed into 8 foot lengths.

beaver damage

They had even started to drag them out to the pond.  With the warmer weather coming all projects were put on hold.  My dear husband revved up the 4 wheeler.  He was going after his trees!  No beavers were going to beat him at this game.  We started to think of ways to protect certain trees from the beavers.  We talked about using wire to wrap the trees in.  My daughter remembered a pin I had pinned on Pinterest and thought it would be a great way to protect the trees.

Still toying with this as a next project but I thought it was a cool idea she had to put the “ghost dresses” around the trees.  What do you think?  How are your projects going?



The little barn project

The weather has been warm for up here in the northern USA.  So my dear husband started and outside project.  We have this problem and I think a few of you may share it.  Space yes we don’t have enough storage space. My dear hubby would say it is we have too much junk but even junk needs to be sorted and dealt with and we didn’t have the space to do that.  He started building a 12×12 little barn for a storage shed.  Not having a lot of moo-la to play with he took some timber beams he had been given and cut them up for the lumber to frame it. I think it is turning out cute.

the little barn project

So he gets his little barn and I get my chicken coop.  What is your latest project?



side of the little barn

Light, light project update…

wall before being painted

We have more light in the living room now.  It is a pretty gloomy winter day and no one turned a light on this morning to see.  So the goal to lighten up the living room was achieved.   My dear husband is such a good painter.

light, light I need more light after

Two light days of work, for him, and the whole living room, hall and entry is all painted.  The other thing we came up with to let more light in was replacing the front door.  The solid door just wasn’t cutting it.  My dear hubby found a 2  leaded glass doors at one of his favorite lumber yards.  They sell new and used lumber.  He sent me a photo of both on my phone and I picked one out.

new front door adds more light

I think the pattern in the leaded glass fits where I’m trying to go design wise in this house.  Besides I love when I can reuse instead of buying new!  On to the next project.   What project do you have going on?



Light, light I need light!

Yes I need light. I’m just one of those people who do not do well without lots of light. The need for light is what brought this project on. For an introduction to my story see the “about” page. I left off on the “about” page with my hubby and I having a date to get paint samples.

It all starts with a few samples..

When I look at samples I lay them on the flooring the paint will be next to. I bring in the fabrics for the room and something I love at that moment. You guessed it I’m into peacock feathers. Have been for awhile now. So since I’m being pretty neutral in my wall color I know I will need lots of fun color to play with. Hence the peacock feather.  The winning color is…Pecanwood.  I bought 2 gallons of Dutch Boy paint in an eggshell finish.  Next prep the walls for paint.  The previous owner had a lot of things on the walls so spackling we will go!

So dark I need light!