“Your horses are out”…


If you are a horse owner, or like us and are horse caregivers, one of the last things you want to hear is “your horses are out”.  I can’t describe the panic that comes over you when you hear those words.  We were having a quiet saturday morning working on the 3rd or 4th cup off coffee when our neighbors drove up the driveway with the dreaded news.  The horses were out of the paddock and on the road.  The whole house went into high gear.  It was a pretty cold morning so the Carhartt overhauls were flying on fast.  I chose my little slip on boots instead of my big snow boots because I didn’t know if I would have to run.  At the end of the driveway was a welcoming site.  The horses were eating a bale of straw outside of the hay tent.  They must of followed the neighbors down the road when they came up the driveway.  We got them in halters on led ropes and checked out where they had gotten out.  Our mouths were pretty much wide open when we saw the damage they did to the fence.

Broken fence

My dear husband was not happy.  He had built the fence when it was 100 degrees out last July and now would have to repair it when it was 15 degrees out.  The good news was the sun was out and shining nicely.  We thanked our neighbors for coming to get us and they replied ” we just watch out for each other out here.”  I’m so glad they did. Thanks Don and Jan!

The project for the day was suppose to be the chicken coop but after the horses decided to become escape artist our plans changed.  As my dear hubby worked on the fence our 15 year old came home from work.  She had called for a ride home just before Don and Jan came.  When we didn’t come and get her she called a family friend for a ride.  Thanks Greg.  She and I decided to install the new fencer.  The old one had burned out last week.  I was hammering in a nail and missing every 3 or 4 times so she wanted to do it.  She was missing every other time so we started to get the giggles.  Well, it is even harder to nail something while laughing so this project took us twice as long as it should of.  When we got done she looked at our mini and said “I think I should ride him”. I said “go ahead”.

Fat Chance

Here is a picture of her on our mini named “Fat Chance”.  The other horses didn’t think the whole thing was funny and kept running and kicking up their heals. Some times projects need to be put on hold just so you can have fun.  Boy did we have fun!  Did you get a project done or did you have fun?







My chicken coop project…What a great Valentine’s gift!

project chicken coop 1

I’ve been wanting chickens since we moved here.  My dear husband just isn’t into animals like I am.  Let’s just say he has been dragging his feet when it comes to chickens.  He doesn’t want to be tied down anymore than he already is.  Which is very funny because we are tied down plenty already with 2  1/2 horses (1 is a mini that’s how you can have a 1/2 a horse) and 3 dogs.  The gardens in the summer need attention and well we are just tied down.  We were talking to a group of our friends and he mentioned I wanted chickens thinking they all would be on his side but to his surprise they all said ” let her have chickens they’re so easy”.  He started to talk about plans for the chicken coop.  Sometimes it just takes him awhile to warm up to an idea. I had been looking at coop ideas and so I was already to sit down and plan my dream coop. Looking at Craigslist one day I saw a cute little shed for $50 listed.  Made a call on it but didn’t get a call back.  Figured it sold.  A week later the guy called back and asked if we could move it.  My dear hubby assured him he had the means to move the shed.  “Well come and get it then. I’ve had two other people come and they couldn’t figure how to move it.”  My hubby hooked up the trailer and was off with in the hour.   It was getting dark when him and our son-in-law  got back but they brought me my chicken coop.  I was tickled pink.  So the chicken coop project has begun.  So what’s your latest project?  Have a great Valentine’s Day dreaming up some projects with your sweetheart!



project chicken coop 2