Zucchini and more zucchini…


It is that time of year if you garden you have zucchini everywhere.  I have 3 refrigerators (yes, I know that is extreme) and they are full of zucchini.  I have made it lots of different ways. Trying  to eat it up but the family favorite that seems to win is good old fried zucchini.   Our days have already turned cooler up here in the north so I know the end of the zucchini will happen soon but in the mean time I will keep making zucchini bread, zucchini muffins, zucchini lasagna and good old fashion fried zucchini!  What have you be up too?




leap/snow day…

grace licking snow

I didn’t anticipate leap day being much of a day out of the norm but it really was.  Up here in the northern part of the USAwe look forward to a snow day every once in a while at least.  The day started out early with a recorded call from the school superintendent saying how school would be closed due to weather.  After turning the TV on to check out the weather and road conditions you get to crawl back into bed to sleep in.  As each kid wakes up they start to realize it is a snow day that’s why they got to sleep in.  At breakfast the excitement starts to build as the discussion of what each kid wants to make in the snow first is voiced.  It is like a bonus day, a free day, a day that doesn’t count.  You get to do something you hadn’t planned on doing that day.  Being this was the first snow day we have had since we move to our little farm I thought I should go out and check on everything.  Our 15-year-old told me I would want my camera so I grabbed it on the way out the door.  The snow was beautiful but the rain that came before the snow had turned to ice.  Then that wet sticky kind of snow was on top of that.  The branches sagged under all the weight.  It was kind of eery for some reason.

snow day

Some were bending down to the driveway.  Some had broken and were laying on the ground, shed roof and the fence.  The very fence we had just fixed on Saturday.  I closed the gate to the pasture and unplugged the new fencer.  I didn’t want that to burn out again.  I continue to walk down our township road and take images of the ice and snow.

windmill in disguise

Once back in the house it was time to start warming up by baking.  The kids played outside for hours and had warm chocolate chip cookies when they came in.  A day like this called for soup or stew so beef stew was made for supper with cranberry muffins.

warm cranberry muffin

The night was wrapped up by planting some sweet pepper seeds.  That task reminded me that spring is right around the corner and the snow won’t last long.

sweet pepper seeds

I sure enjoyed my leap/snow day.  How was yours?



The little barn project

The weather has been warm for up here in the northern USA.  So my dear husband started and outside project.  We have this problem and I think a few of you may share it.  Space yes we don’t have enough storage space. My dear hubby would say it is we have too much junk but even junk needs to be sorted and dealt with and we didn’t have the space to do that.  He started building a 12×12 little barn for a storage shed.  Not having a lot of moo-la to play with he took some timber beams he had been given and cut them up for the lumber to frame it. I think it is turning out cute.

the little barn project

So he gets his little barn and I get my chicken coop.  What is your latest project?



side of the little barn

My chicken coop project…What a great Valentine’s gift!

project chicken coop 1

I’ve been wanting chickens since we moved here.  My dear husband just isn’t into animals like I am.  Let’s just say he has been dragging his feet when it comes to chickens.  He doesn’t want to be tied down anymore than he already is.  Which is very funny because we are tied down plenty already with 2  1/2 horses (1 is a mini that’s how you can have a 1/2 a horse) and 3 dogs.  The gardens in the summer need attention and well we are just tied down.  We were talking to a group of our friends and he mentioned I wanted chickens thinking they all would be on his side but to his surprise they all said ” let her have chickens they’re so easy”.  He started to talk about plans for the chicken coop.  Sometimes it just takes him awhile to warm up to an idea. I had been looking at coop ideas and so I was already to sit down and plan my dream coop. Looking at Craigslist one day I saw a cute little shed for $50 listed.  Made a call on it but didn’t get a call back.  Figured it sold.  A week later the guy called back and asked if we could move it.  My dear hubby assured him he had the means to move the shed.  “Well come and get it then. I’ve had two other people come and they couldn’t figure how to move it.”  My hubby hooked up the trailer and was off with in the hour.   It was getting dark when him and our son-in-law  got back but they brought me my chicken coop.  I was tickled pink.  So the chicken coop project has begun.  So what’s your latest project?  Have a great Valentine’s Day dreaming up some projects with your sweetheart!



project chicken coop 2